Aerial Video (exploring an abandoned WW-II ammunition plant)


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I'm always several years late to the party. I just got my hands on a DJI phantom drone (for work) and took it out to test/practice mapping with it. On the 3rd battery I thought I'd relax and just do a bit of aerial exploring. There is an abandoned WW-II munitions plant which is now part of U of MN owned land. I've walked around in there on foot (searching for a downed UAV) and those old over grown foundations and supports are totally post-apocolyptic. Some of the buildings have very closely placed pillars that are shielded in (now crumbling) ceramic ... presumably to protect against intense heat? Today the area is ruled by deer. I don't think it's haunted (but who's to say?) This is my first drone movie, but it is an interesting place to look at so thought I would share the results.



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Great video. I fly a P3P to look a crop fields.
What advantage do you see with from a quad over fixed wing? Any advantage of a fixes wing over a quad?