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Amp limit for Accessory cable (JST?) on sFlite Test brand ESCs

Hello, can anyone tell me the amp rating on the Accessory cable for a 35amp ESC? I am guessing because of the plug about 5amps-ish?

I am intending to power multiple strip or tape LED lights from it....




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That is how I set up my lights using the balance lead plug, do not know how many amps it will handle but I have put as much as 12 feet of 12 volt LED`s in a plane and it handled it. Does cut down on flight time.

Edited wrong nomenclature meant to say balance lead from battery this way no way to over draw the ESC..
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FDS how would I brown out the BEC by drawing off the accessory cable FROM the ESC? The store gives a warning that the cable doesn't provide bec moderated power. I ask because I assume I don't know something obvious... Also, I am familiar with Rx brown outs, what does this do to a BEC?

Bricks, I'm glad to hear someone else has done this with success!

Thanks for the replies gang! Kargo


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The BEC gets hot, resistance increases, voltage sags, BEC switches off, servos stop working. Brown out. I assumed you were running LEDs off 5v rail.
I haven’t used esc’s with accessory cables, I imagine those just draw straight off the battery, in which case the connector current will likely be the limit. There’s several types of JST, the ones found on receiver batteries are 10A max. If you have one of those then you are fine for quite a lot of lights.
Thank you for your reply, and the education! BEC brownout makes sense now. I have experienced the receiver kind, not fun. If nothing else I will have to run a multimeter across my setup. Kargo