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Amperes Question - Are my motors pulling too much from my battery?

So my understanding of electrical currents is limited. I could learn myself with some Googling, but I'm lazy, and know you all are some smart folks.

So here is my question: If one motor pulls 18 amps, do three pull 54 amps? (18 x 3)

I ask because I would like to not ruin my batteries and will order batts with proper C rating if this is the case.




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You are right - but you should be better with a rather big margin and get a battery that can deliver several more amps continously for the extra margin at the end of the flight. A fresh battery is normally fine but after 50% you will feel the difference if you have a good battery compared to one "just at the limit".


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Make sure your C rating calculation of the battery exceeds the expected amp draw of the entire craft by at least 20% for very good battery life (there are several other practices required for good battery life as well, proper charging, proper storage, not draining the battery too low etc.).

Don't ask me how I learned these EXPENSIVE lessons.

Thanks for that.

I have pretty good habits with maintaining my batteries, but it had just occurred to me that I hadn't considered what the draw would be collectively.

Looks like I'll be ordering new batteries.

Thanks again,