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Antenna/vtx location 5.8Ghz


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My friend had that to with his skywalker, the vtx was behind the motor and when he returned he almost lost his video. He had no problem before making the turn....
I suspect your friends problems have very little to do with the antenna being blocked by the motor!
I suspect your friends problems have very little to do with the antenna being blocked by the motor!
We tested it when we placed it ontop of the skywalker we had no problem at all. This was with a rubber duck antenna. Remember that the fuselage of a skywalker is much bigger then the fuselage of a bixler. This was with the foxtech 200mW receiver.

BTW saw your comparison of the gopro hero 2 and the gopro hero 3 silver and I bought the gopro hero 2 just because I could not see the difference and it was on discount in a dutch webshop. Thanks!
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Thanks for the feedback on the video its much appreciated. Like I've said to many, if they can get the Hero2 cheap enough its still well worth the money. I haven't found any cheap enough and besides I need to keep some $$ aside for the Black Edition.

A foam Fuselage shouldn't effect the transmission unless the antenna has issues to begin with like the Rubber Ducky. If you have a look at my latest video, Jason's aircraft is at 8klms on 5.8G and the fuselage on the Raptor is plastic and no issues in any orientation at all. Before turning back home the antenna is being blocked by every possible part of the aircraft and no difference at all in signal even when he turns back home.

With the Stock antenna my aircraft have range in the meters as opposed to kilometres with decent antenna's. Well that's my 2 cents worth.
CP antennas are less influenced by obstacles. I dont know his setup but we are 100% sure that it was the fuselage blocking the signal. We had this problem everytime we mounted it behind the motor. I am using 1.2 GHz and 433MHz and the obstacke penetration is just perfect i love it!!! No problem when there are trees direct in the signal. I was flying from a hillside in France above a valley i wanted toncheck out a wine farm in the valley no problem at all with obstacles :D


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I've intentionally stayed away from 1.2 Ghz due to antenna size and aircraft aerodynamics. Jason has been out further than me on 5.8ghz (25klms) so that's good enough for me at the moment. At the end of the day if 1.2Ghz works well for you then stick with what you are comfortable with it. At the moment all 4 of our FPV aircraft are on 5.8Ghz


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I can happily report that the mechanism doesn't seem to have any impact on the Bixler's flight characteristics. I just had a test flight.

HOWEVER, with the stock motor and 5x5 prop, this thing has NO power!!! I'm used to having plenty on tap. I used a 1300 stuck right in the nose, which with all the fpv gear on board balances nicely. But it's like flying a giant Atom - now don't get me wrong, I enjoy flying my little Atom, but having a Bixler like that is no fun at all. There's no chance I'd be able to climb with a 2200 on board.