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Any Facebook users out there? Let's be friends!


How many forum members out there are on Facebook? Its a nice way to chat with each other on a "real-time" basis. I do so regularly with Flying Monkey (Fred), Colorex (André) and Pilot294 (Jesse) from the forum.

If interested you can friend me by searching Patrick Shawn Murphy. Also, if interested, post your name up so others can friend you. We've got a nice little community going, here!

Here's my page. https://www.facebook.com/patrick.s.murphy.9?fref=ts
Ya' know.. way back in elementary I had a S. Korean pen pal. It was a point of humor to my friends. Now, when ever The Facebook is mentioned I get this smirk and a stabby feeling.
Anthemius Prod on facebook

i tryed to add earthsciteach and FlyingMonkey but there is a lot on facebook i fond alot of people with the same name so i dont know who is the good one :)
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earthschiteach, Brian Fred Carr, Anthemius, CrashRecovery, and FlyingMonkey were all chatting together for a little bit. Let us know if you'd like to join in.