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Any thoughts on the Eflite Camera?


720P HD Video Camera: 180 QX HD
Key Features
Lightweight 15 gram design suitable for park flyers and up
In-flight camera control can operate from any open receiver channel
Removable 2GB memory card provided can hold multiple videos
Features full-color 720p HD video and 1.3M still image capabitliy
Integrated microphone allows simultaneous audio while recording video footage
Built-in manual controls, plus a positional lens to achieve a variety of vantage points
Internal 3.7V 150mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery
USB charge and interface cable provided
Easy to mount anywhere using the hook and loop material provided
From your plane, from your car, from your hat for that matter, the E-flite® EFC™-720 HD Camera is the ideal RC accessory for capturing full-color still photos and HD video footage. Its lightweight design means it’s perfect for use with just about any air or surface vehicle from a park flyer size on up. It has no special mounting requirements, plus it’s simple to operate remotely using the provided servo wire lead connected to an open receiver channel. Or you can simply set the manual controls provided.

Product Specifications
Length: 2.22 in (56.5mm)
Width: 1.10 in (28mm)
Height: 0.59 in (15mm)
Weight: 0.53 oz (15 g)

It's light weight, but I'm worried about the 720 being up-scaled...

Aside from the fact it's rx controllable I don't see anything here other than a basic repackaged 808 keychain cam. Really good genuine 2nd and 3rd generation keycams can be found all over eBay $10-15. Yes it is 720 but bet your fps will be very low plus colors and white balance might be lacking. I wouldn't bite for $40 plus shipping.


I can personally vouch for the Mobius. Great pic quality for the price, 1080p, and can output video to a tx for fpv. The price is a bit steeper at around $80-$90. But, compared to the price of a GoPro, it is a bargain. Still, the GoPro wins on picture quality.

That's a very interesting one, Thurmond. We are talking about purchasing cameras for the summer camp that my wife and I are a part of. I'll have to do some digging on this one!
Not much in the way of youtube vids for this one yet. On ebay similar models are selling for no less than $300! If this truly is a 60fps @ 1080p and i suspect it is based on slow-mo shots (low fps is hard to get away with there), then this is an unbelievable price. Just wish i knew how much the dang thing weighed and dimensions vs gopro silver or black.
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New owner of the Mobius, very intuitive to use. Be warned though, if you order just the camera it is a very basic kit. You get the camera, a USB cord, cradle with tripod screw mount, an allen tool (I believe for switching the lense or something), and a bit of velcro and that is it. SD card you have to get yourself, and I would suggest getting no more than a 32GB card for it (yes, it does work perfectly with a 64GB card, but then you can't update the firmware with that card. I actually went and bought a cheap 8GB card just to do firmware updates since I got a 64GB card) As far as video goes, it's some of the best video I have seen. Considering what the GoPros cost, I'm not seeing why people still buy them with this camera around.
UPDATE: I got a wide angle Mobius. It's incredible for the money, I have decided to use it as a dashboard camera for now, but at that price I might buy a few more for RC flying. For the difference in quality, why would you risk a GoPro on an RC model?

Thanks for the advice!
Sorry for thread necromancy, but I just felt I needed to post here as a warning.

Normally I don't rag out products, I tend to accept them for what they are, what you pay for them, etc, pretty mellow. But, from a company like Eflite, that sell good products for the price, the EFC 720... Ohhh...

I have been using HK Wing Cams and recently upgraded to a Mobius, and love it to bits. But, I recently aquired a Blade 180QX to learn multirotor flight, and it included one of these cameras.

Even with swapping out the included micro SD card for a Class 10 jobby... well, a screen shot speaks all the truths. I won't even upload the video, I don't want it soiling my already crap YT channel :p

And yes, I already tried to correct the saturation with Vegas. I was kind, this was while hovering. If I snapped a shot while it was flying around you would not believe it was true.


With the little quad, since I'm learning, I'm still fliyng in close proximity in so my footage looks a bit like the 2nd example, where it's strapped to a little 4x4. All that random focus and wavy "House of crazy mirrors" stuff. But worse, as little quad is a touch faster than a rock crawler ;)

The seem to do no worse than an mid 00's key chain cam on a plane, though (when close objects don't need a focal change). In saying that, that's not a good wrap :p