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Arizona RC Flyers Share where you fly !!!! w/ google maps

I am a newb to this hobby, I haven't even got my electronics for the 2 builds I have done. I have been looking for spots to fly, besides the normal airparks which are kinda far from me I thought it would be beneficial if we could all share where we fly. With the help of google maps and this link just click on it should open a map and you should be able to add points and a brief description or some details about the flying spot.

Thanks Bacon8tor


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I hope you were successful with your two builds. Planes I assume. I live in Mesa and tried starting out with planes then found out I can't fly in any of the parks in town. I found several AMA clubs around and joined the AMA only to find out it's invitation only to those flying fields. Oh, there is a retention basin off of Elliot and Ellsworth that I could fly but at that point I gave up. If you're into multirotors there are a few places in Chandler and Gilbert and there is a local club PHXDUG (Phoenix Area Drone Users Group), Facebook, Meetup, phxdug.org . Goodluck !!!


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There is Thude Park in Chandler that is an official RC park. There are lots of open fields around you could use. The community college on Dobson and Southern has a large field that is accessible. You just need to be resourceful. What are you building?
I've only flown twice now and only for a few minutes, but there's a parking lot / empty lot near some baseball fields behind the corner of Power Road and Guadalupe Roads in what I think it technically Mesa (north east corner of Gilbert maybe). It's busy on Saturdays, but on Sundays it's empty and the roadway would provide a decent runway. I'm building the FT Storch now and hope to maiden it in about 2 weeks (maybe sooner on a weekday morning if I finish). I'm near Higley and Germann in Gilbert.
Here's where I've been going...


It's out east in Gilbert. Behind two gas stations and next to a big park that has 3 baseball fields which is in-turn next to an Elementary School.

I get there around 6am on the days that I go. There's usually a few people walking/running the park path, but I keep them to my back and just fly over the empty dirt/grass area you see to the south and east of the red box. Trying to go tomorrow morning depending on the weather (been raining today).

I think I might troll Google Maps for some areas that might be worth checking out in person.

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Gilbert Quiet Flyers

Gilbert Quiet Flyers just (2 weekends ago) put down a new runway (450' x 45') just to the west of the recycling facility at Greenfield and Queen Creek Roads. We're not allowed to use cameras on our crafts (can't even be installed, not just off), but it's a really nice location. You'll need to be UAS registered with the FAA and I think you need AMA membership to fly at the field though (definitely if you want to join GQF).

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Flying on the Mesa/Chandler Border

We have been flying at Palo Verde park on Dobson between Elliot and Guadalupe. Here is a google map link:


We tend to fly on the weekends at the east end where the parking lot is. The berm of the field tends to be watered in the morning so we mostly fly there in the afternoon.

We also fly in a dirt lot on in the mornings. It's just off Arizona and Palomino. Here's a link (centered about where we setup: