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As the Sparrow Flies

I just had my first successfull flight with the Mini Sparrow after about 10 very short attempts. This is also my first DIY build. The only other plane I've flown is a Nano Talon.

I was getting rapid climb, roll left then hard nose dive. I'm using leftover parts from a budget mini quad build, including a 1amp battery. Taping 2 quarters to the bottom of the nose, and trimming full right solved it, but neither solution on it's own worked. I also loaded a good bit of hot glue around the nose to fix and protect against road rash so 3 quarters might be better otherwise.

I think I'm addicted.
Also, when I was originally gluing in the v tail I realized that the fuselage seemed to be twisted clockwise when viewed from the rear. I have a suspicion that is what is causing the roll. I also tried twisting the right wing tip up a bit and that helped the roll too, but felt too innacurate.