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Assassin motor upgrade and speed - can this be correct!?!


I installed a new motor on my Assassin, based on a suggestion from Jeff at HeadsUpRC.com I clocked it on my RCspeedo app at 167.5 mph! Now, it is fast, but can it be THAT fast??? I cleared the log before thinking of taking a screen shot. Had a couple of other readings at 130 and 150 something.

Here's the setup:
Motor - PowerUp 400 Zoom from HeadsUpRC: http://www.headsuprc.com/servlet/the-2119/Power-Up-400-Zoom/Detail

Prop - EMP 6x3

ESC - 30 amp

Battery - Genesis 1800 mah, 40 c battery from Banana Hobby



More combat please...
My guess is you are probably getting into the 80s in level flight with that setup.
I would guess that you are getting about what the guys that are doing the hot rewinds are getting
How are you capturing the doppler?
Doppler is really sensitive to heat, humidity berometric pressure etc.
The Assassin airframe (built to the instructions) is probably good for a little beyond 100mph.

We have also found that you can cheat the doppler by coming in at full throttle and the backing it off as the plane passes.
To get an accurate reading you have to maintain full throttle for the pass.

We haven't put the radar gun on mine but I'd guess it's in the 80s


I'm using the RC speedo app. I didn't cut throttle after the pass, but did have to climb to avoid three large oak trees at the end of the field. I'll clock it at school this week. Much more room there!