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Audio levels in podcast's? Too LOUD!


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It's all kind of distorted in places and harsh sounding. I assume the equipment has peak meters, like most digital stuff. A common myth is that digital audio recording should be performed at peak levels close to, but not exceeding 0 dB FS (digital full scale).

Actually, average levels on input and output should be set to -20 dB FS RMS, if you have RMS meters. Max peak levels should not exceed -9 dB FS. Signal to noise ratio isn't a factor in digital as it is in analog.

Basically, if you have peaks on your meters hitting red, turn the level down till no red comes up. That will give you much more headroom and eliminate the harshness and little distortion.

I really been enjoying the podcast's, except the loud level. :eek:
It might help if you pointed out the location of problems. I am generally rather picky about audio and I can't recall anything that was at all offensive.
Overall, the most recent podcast ("Podcast 005 - Common RC Mistakes") was pretty good. There might have been one or two brief points where it was loud, but overall I found sound level was good. The first podcast was too low; since then I found sound level to have improved in all podcasts.


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Neither can I, maybe it depends on the delivery (site / iTunes) ?

I've had iTunes mess up audio levels / bitrates before, that could cause it ...


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Apologies! My usual net machine is used by roommates too, dude was playing back Mp3 in VLC with the volume on 200% as well as some 'normalization' thing. Played files on my no net DAW (digital audio worky thing), and viewed the waveform, the dynamic range is excellent-very natural. Thanks to the audio person for not maximizing it to death! I would still lower record level by -2-3dB, but I'm an idiot so.....A rabid ABBA fan spiked it in one show, also said ballsac, I believe. ABBA!