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Aviation Related Startup


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Hey folks,

My business partner and I are starting a (full scale) aviation company. This website (when launched) will be a place where you can look up and coordinate a flight or ride in your dream aircraft. The flip side of this is that you also list your aircraft (if you have one) in which other people, if interested, can request a flight in. We are collecting market data and would much appreciate it if you take a minute to answer our short survey. If you do take this survey, it would really help if you inputted your email at the bottom of the survey, the only thing we will be using this email for is to announce the launch of our service/website. Thanks so much for your time!


-The FlightSwap Team


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Free rides? When I was current, PSEL could only collect for consumed expenses, mainly fuel.
Thanks for the inquiry, the way the system works (currently, as we are developing it is subject to change) is that the person requesting the flight/ride would pay for fuel which makes it so the owner of the aircraft does not have to have a commercial license, now I know what your thinking, why the heck would I take someone up in MY aircraft for only the cost of fuel. The reason for this system is that while you aren't making money, if there are aircraft that you have always wanted to fly, you have the opportunity to fly that aircraft. So essentially in this system, no one pays anything more aside from the fuel which makes it cheaper for everyone. Thanks!