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I was thinking if you wanted to be the on the cheap, you could make a mini one, make it a twin with 2 more dummy props that would spin as you fly. The only person who needs to know is you...
I was thinking of how big even a mini would be. If you scaled it down to take 4 mini power pods it would still be pretty considerable. Like a 6 foot wingspan.

If you are wondering how I came to that conclusion, I looked at the 13th squadron P61 powered by two mini sized engines, and got that wingspan. Then I figured out the real planes wingspan (the B-17 has 1.5x the wingspan of a P-61). So that would end up being a 72 inch wingspan based on my line of logic. It would be an expensive kit, powered by about $100 worth of motors if you used cheap ebay motors, not even nice ones.

Probably not a whole ton of interest in that. That is why I was thinking of an even smaller one powered by a twin with two dummy props on it.