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B3 pro charger problem

Hiii. I have a B3 pro compact charger and the first cell light is not glowing. Then i realised that the first cell is not working . I have checked the entire circuit but nothing seems to be burnt . Plz help me out !!!!!


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Is this the small balance charger with just 3 LED's on the top, charges through balance plug only? If so I had the same one and noticed after a few charge cycles the batteries would be out of balance. I replaced it with an IMAX B6. I would advise to do the same. Storage charge and discharge functions are really good to have to look after batteries.
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You can check the battery to see what’s happening with a simple cell checker, one that reads individual cell voltages. They are essential tools for good battery management. Some include a balance function that might fix the battery you have until you can get a better charger.
i second the vote for replacing that charger, it’s not very good and lacks the features you need long term. If you tell us where you prefer to buy your gear I am sure people here will have recommendations.