Baby Brit


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My son and I have been really enjoying scratch building from Sponz’s plans and other’s contributions to the forums. What an incredible resource!

Recently built the Baby Brit; a real challenge to fly until trimmed. I had to set the aileron throw much lower than anticipated and increase expo to 40. While this model requires more focus to fly compared to tiny trainer or mini scout, the improved agility is a ton of fun!

I chose a high contrast (ugly!) painting pattern to avoid loss of orientation. The first couple of flights on brown foam board were tough because I would loose orientation along multiple axes: front / back and regular / inverted flight.


This is my new favorite, portable plane for park flying and road trips!


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Thanks @SPONZ!

I have been pleasantly surprised at the durability of this little plane. Made an accidental, nose-first landing the first time I tried to get it trimmed out.

Keep up the fine work on the plans. Our dining table is covered with those plans more frequently than actual meals.


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Took the Baby Brit out on a “windy” day (gusts over 10mph) and noticed some interesting stall behavior. I think maybe I didn’t have enough elevator authority to recover from stall/dive maneuvers when the wind was behind me. Maybe just poor piloting… anyway, this bird survived two solid nose dives from over 30ft up with only a busted prop to show for it. This was with a 650mAh 2S battery—my favorite configuration for breezy days.

Next successfully tested with a chonker 850mAh 3S: would not recommend! It flew but felt very heavy, at full throttle nearly uncontrollable!

Finished the evening with unintentional combat and spectacular mid air collision with my son’s Silly Stick (Aloft Hobby). That was enough to break both pins holding the power pod in place. The Silly Stick was in much worse condition.