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Batteries and chargers


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Somethihng that a lot of poeple overlook when starting out, or even having been in this hobby for a while is the importance of having a good charger. I'll admit that I am far from an expert one battereis and chargers. I use a simple balance charger that I got for $30. Seems to work well, but I would like to upgrade my set up and I have no idea of what to get or where to start or what I really need, and I know Im not the only one.


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Like you - i am using a cheap balance charger.
I started with a swallow without balancing years ago when balancing was not common.
Then a similar Turningy 50 W with balance only for DC.
Now i also have an AC/DC but still only 50W.
I have models and batteries so that i dont feel the need for anything bigger.
My biggest batteries are 3500 mAh 5 cell.


Fly, yes... Land, no
I tend to build light and agile. Most of my packs are 460-610 mah. My biggest are 1050 mah. Though I do have a few 18650 can sized Li-ion packs I made for my Mini-T years ago. I belive those are 2000 - 2400mah

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Can't go wrong with the accucell 6. There's another one someone was talking about that's the same thing but has a 120vac supply built in. Hopefully they will post it again.
Boy I tried to find out information on using LIFE batteries by submitting a video of charging life batteries with a AC6 charger using a monitoring program with specific questions ( can I charge these batteries in my transmitter using the ac6 set at 1.8 amps? Can I use the low voltage alarm (8.8 volts,information from viewer on youtube) without damaging the battery) my video was rejected and I was redirected to a forum. After numerous FPV boring videos of "the track" It's time to get back to information the majority of us
can use. simple tips as getting the( best glue gun from wally world) As fpv is publicly abused (aganst AMA rules ) with video evidence it's only a matter of time till all of us will lose that privilege and our investment. Hopefully It will not spillover to other aspects of our hobby.