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Help! Batteries conversation

I have an JiaYuan 1698 helicopter that I am gonna restore in a couple of weeks (exams suck). It uses an battery pack made of 8 AAA batteries by default and because it's pretty old i am gonna replace it. Should I replace it with a battery made of 8 AAA batteries or should i buy a lipo or somthing similar?



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With the 8 AAA how many volts is the total pack as that would determine which LiPo you would want to use. Going LiPo would save a bunch of weight and give much better response to inputs.


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I would buy somthing you will use in somthing else afterwards. I would say a Lipo might let the magic smoke out but I can't think what you'll use a nicad pack for afterwards.

Keeping the same or less weight is a big concern, a Lipo is probably lighter and you could get a voltage limiter.