Best Servos For Use in EOT Models Rare Bear

RC Dad

Hello Flitetesters,

My son and I are finally building the EOT Model Rare Bear he got for an Xmas present.

I am trying to decide which servos to use in the plane and would like your advice.

We have the Hextronic 9 Gram econo servos or a set of Spektrum DS821 Digital servos at hand and ready to use. Both sets are brand new.

I know Dave Powers always recommends using better servos even on scratch-built foamies so I am thinking the Rare Bear given it's size may be better served with the better servos. My concern though is the DS821 is very large - maybe too large?

Anyway, any thoughts and guidance you care to share would be much appreciated!

Getting excited to add this plane to our small but growing fleet.

RC Dad


Epoxi Flyer
very light aircraft and not that fast, so colorex is right .. go for the lightness and cheaper servos !!

RC Dad

Thanks guys. Given our skill level, I think the smaller servos will be fine. The Spektrums are BIG.

Another question for you: We are thinking about putting Goop on the LE of the wing like the Flitetest guys did with the TEK SUMO. Do you think that would add too much weight - would tape be better? As we are novices, we know the wings are gonna get beat up so we think we should do something...

RC Dad

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I tape the wings of my cub. It makes it rock solid and virtually crash proof. One of the best things I've done to it. Adds a little weight but more than makes up for it when you hit something. If you are looking for something a little stronger and crash resistant than the 900's, try the T-pro msg90s. They are about the same size but metal gear, high speed, I love them. Grayson hobbies has them in a five pack for 29.99

RC Dad

Thanks AK, those servos look pretty good. We may just go with the Graysons.. As we are new and do not have many flights (none lasting more than 1 minute) using the Hextronic, we just don't have a feel for how they hold up. I know a lot of guys are using the Hextronics and they are most likely just fine, I just hate to have to pull the plane apart later to replace a bad servo.

The link is much appreciated.

We have used tape with great success on our Super Cub, our Bixler and a Funbat we made. It definitely helps when we (meaning me) crash...