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Bloody Baron Combat how to soup it up.


Master member
Have a friend that wants me to build him a Bloody Baton Combat plane, he is a speed freak, I usually run a 2212 1450 kv 3S 9X4.5 prop but for him I would like to really soup this thing up, what other motors would you recommend? It would be fun to get to where the speed would about rip the wings off. I have used a 2212 2200 kv on 3S 6X4 as it was faster but not by much.


Well-known member
Shrink it to 75% and run the new emax 2306-2750kv + 50A ESC spinning a 5x5 prop on a 4S battery.

Should be good for around 100mph until the wing comes un-glued.

Is 3S a hard limit? there are 2212 4S motors around in the 2200Kv range but without upping the voltage you aren't doing much other than changing the size of the prop.