Bonsai setup


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Hi Koekiemonster,

If I may respond to your shopping list; it reads like a Teksumo setup in stead.
For the Bonsai : keep it as light as possible (!)

Turnigy 9x is great !
But is has a large receiver for this small plane ..

I think the 25A esc is overkill, but suitable for other planes
when you buy the esc for just this plane, get the Turnigy Plush 10A (9gram) or 12A (13gram)

HXT 1500kv 24gram is REALY best for 8x3 props .. and these will not fit the Bonsai
I have good experiance with this lighter one using 6 inch props

Use the HXT500 in stead of the HXT900

Start with 2cell 500mah lipo's for the Bonsai (!)
Get a few of these:
Better keeping it light and change lipo's then one heavy battery

Props ?
Get a load of the slow fly props !!
Try diff sizes 5 / 6 / 7 inch etc
And extra rubebr bands ..

Key is again to keep it light !

For this being your first plane I would actually recommend the TekSumo in stead.
Note that the Bonsai is small and very agile / responsive.
They make flying difficult in windy weather as well.

I saw several guys starting with this one (or MS Mini Swift) and immediately got the larger wing in stead.
Because these can be build heavier, they are more stable.
Still these wings are great and 'indestructable'

Just my 2 cents, good luck !


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If you have the Neckstrap of Awesomeness, you'll plane will fly. (Just kidding!)

Try not to order anything on backorder. That will delay your order indefinitely!


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I would typically not recommend a flying wing for a first plane. Burg is handing out some excellent free advice.

First if you decide to stick with a flying wing as your first plane- +1 on the TekSumo over the Bonsai. Flying wings are not difficult to fly but one of the challenges is orientation. The larger (still not large) TekSumo will most likely be easier for you to see well enough to stay oriented.

You may successfully learn with a flying wing BUT-
Do you have an experienced pilot (one familiar with wings) to help check your setup before you maiden. I would strongly suggest that you have an experienced pilot maiden and get your plane trimmed before you fly it.
Do you have any sim experience. There are several sims that have good flying wing models. A good sim will be a big help especially with orientation issues with the wing.

Last word. I think you would be better served with a good trainer as a first plane and then a wing can make an awesome follow up trainer if it is set up correctly.


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I think KoekiMonster messed the names up a bit.

Just have a closer look at the spicifications and tell us what you really wanna get. Of course a Neckstrap of Awesomeness will improve your flying skills indefinitely as well :D:D:D:D:D:D

have read your replies, thanks for the help.
you convinced me that te Teksumo is a better wing to start with.
I have a friend who has some experience with wings(a swift II), he is teaching me to fly right now with a glider like the Bixler, and a balsa glider. I'm also a sim (aerofly) with his dummy tx.

I asked him to make me a setup for the Teksumo, he came up with this:
Turnigy 1450KV motor
Red Brick 30A ESC
8x4 prop
2x HXT900 Servo
2x Zippy flightmax 800 mAh 3S1P

Still with the same charger and the 9x with Neckstrap of Awesomeness.
I know it may take longer if things are on backorder, but dont want to spend to much money on a first buy.

thanks, KoekieMonster


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That spec looks much better koekiemonster! Good to read that you are training with a bixler type plane. Jetpackninja is absolutely right with his remarks about a sim learning you about orientation. I think you will have loads of fun with the wing, and if you need some info on replacements on backordered items, let us know !
Good luck !

Oh, and order some of these to glue onder your wing. Great for hard surface landings to protect your gear.

What would be a good, not on backorder, alternative for a charger and the ESC?
I think I will stick with the 9x, just for it's price.
Also I thought 800 mAh wouldn't be enough, how long do you think it will fly with this battery?

thanks, KoekieMonster.


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Off course, here we go :


The Mystery 30A are a good quality alternative.
But .. back order as well...

The Hobbyking branded versions are exactly the same to the Mystery 30A:
And in stock .. but you need a special programming card.
See its 'Related products'.

Outside HK's product range (sorry Anthony ;-) ->
We use these A LOT :
They are identical to the Turnigy Plush 30A and can therefor also be programmed with these (you should order one):

Btw : rctimer is a slow website but always carry stock and gives fast/cheap shipping charges.

Oh .. and order a bunch these off course :

Fantastic product and ballances your lipo's correctly.


Get the LiPo with the highest C-rate as possible.
Spend the extra dollar, it is worth it.
Specially when later you decide to go for speed .. (put a 2200/2600kv with 6x4 APC prop on that wing !!!)
Or when you convert the wing to EDF ...

Good experiance with these (MS Swift)

Even better with these lately

Go crazy with a 4cell :

Good luck and let us know what you decided.
Looking forward to read about you build & maiden flight !