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Builder service.

Would you be interested in a building service?

  • Yes, if the right build came along.

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  • No, everything I want to fly is ARF or RTF

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Active member
I'm curious if there is a market out there for a builders service, ie. someone to assemble or modify balsa, foam, or possibly fiberglass models for others who don't feel like they can tackle projects of the sort yet.

I love building, but don't necessarily have the money to tackle everything I want to try. I prefer the build and really don't need any more planes for my personal hangar. If there's is interest I would be happy to tackle projects for fellow pilots anywhere from assembling an FT speed build kit to designing and building a custom aircraft in balsa or foam, and anything in between. Naturally, labor rates would vary according to difficulty of the project. Could be shipped or possibly hand delivered at an event like FFOhio.


Well-known member
I like building as much as flying, problem is I don't crash as much as I used to. So I have taken to building for guys at the field - everything from assembling FT Speed build kits to custom design and builds like the C-130. It keeps the building going but means I am not spending a huge pile of money on parts and electronics and also not filling up space with planes. Based on my experience, there are folks who would to have access to this sort of service.



Old and Bold RC PILOT
A good question! Here in Aus I build almost continuously and end up giving most away after flying them for a small while. I have discovered that there is a need and even a demand for repair services mostly for the Foamies that people buy retail, especially those which are no longer supported with spare parts.

Currently I have 3 foamies in for repair. 12mm Seafury, 1100 Hellcat, and a 1100mm P40.

Should anyone require such a service in Aus just PM me.

Have fun!