Building an FT bushwacker for my dad


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I have all of the parts for my bushwacker cut out but I wanted to know if there are any build tips you have for this plane such as extra spar reinforcement or thrust to weight ratio etc. I have an edge 540 and the recommended motor seemed too small for 3d so I was wondering if anyone has tips for how to fly the bushwacker in a more 3d style with the c pack as well.


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Did you try the recommended motor with a 4S battery and a 9x5 propeller? That gives about 30% more power than a 3S battery and the 10x4.5 prop.


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i agree that the c-pack is a little under powered for what you want to do. if possible go to 4S and you will be much happier, it's just kinda tough to find a battery that will fit. if you do find one, then the CG becomes an issue because i promise the battery will be too light. i ended up designing a fake motor/blower that was hollow and could be stuffed with weight and mounted on the front of the plane. even with this getting proper CG wasn't easy.

as for the build, it's pretty straight forward but you can tell that it is an "older" design. i didn't change anything as far as spars or other reinforcements. just built according to build vid.


you can see the wheel weights under the motor.


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any build tips... extra spar reinforcement or thrust to weight ratio etc.... if anyone has tips for how to fly the bushwacker in a more 3d style.
I fly my planes hard. I have found the first thing to break is the wing joint, where the two halves meet. I reinforce all my wings with 4 bamboo BQS, 2 on top & 2 on bottom. I imbed them in the foam. The idea is to form an I beam. The next thing to give will be where you cut a hole for the servo, the wing will start to flex there. I reinforce each wing half with 2 more bamboo BQS, one on top & one on bottom.

For power on my FT3D, I use the 1000kv Turnigy 3730 with a 12x3.8 SF prop on 3S. Any motor near 1000kv & 500-600 watts should work on 3S. You will have unlimited vertical & will hover @ 30-40% throttle.


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i tried to use some really cool 3D printed pool noddle wheels i made but due to the CG issues they were too light. i ended up having to use the Dave Brown 4.5" Big Lites. They not only look the part but also were enough weight to help me get the CG where it needed to be.

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Build as light as you can, to help with CG the rudder and elevator servo can be moved forward some and use lighter servos. It will reduce some strength but could pull the paper from inside of the back section of the fuselage.