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Business name - aerial surveillance


Propaganda machine
Hi guys,

I've started to write up a business plan for my new enterprise. The business will be fit out and training of compliance officers for forward surveillance and evidence gathering using UAVs. I'll also provide technical assistance and maintenance as required.

Anyhow, I'm pretty stuck for deriving a clever, catchy and professional sounding business name. It can be something boring with a cool acronym, or something more exciting that can be abbreviated. Any ideas?


Propaganda machine
I was going for Aerial Surveillance Solutions (ASS), but it's already a registered business name...

Next idea was Forward Electric Aerial Reconnaissance (FEAR).


Propaganda machine
Thanks Teach. I had bandied around a couple of FART acronym names with my work colleagues.

I see SkyEye as a product, rather than a business name. I'll keep it in mind...


Rotor Riot!
HAWK sounds real good but... Hovering Aerial... Wooden... Kopter? Crap.

Drone Operation Remote Kontrol - DORK

Surveilance Operation Unmanned Remote Control Elicopter - SOURCE :D

Remote Intelligence Program - RIP (Somehow trying to hang "crime" on there - RIP Crime)

I was playing around with "DroneControl" for my own purposes - and http://www.dronecontrol.com/ is available :D

But hey, check this one! SecUAV sounds so good that I'm proud of myself!


How many letters do we ge
TDMH Enterprises

Tax Deductions for My Hobby


Will you really go up the coast to teach some dudes how to fly gear that they will likley crash into the sea?


Elemental Madness
Aerial Intelegence and Repair Company - AIRcom
Lobster's Awesome Will to Neutralize Menacing Old Weirdos with Extreme Resilience - Lawnmower?
LobsterMash Drones - LM Drones

Connected Aerial Reconnaissance Because Of Nerds - CARBON(My favorite :D)

SKYNET!! Best name ever

RedPot- Because that's what Lobsters make me think of
SEAFISH - Searching Every Aerial Focus for increased Strategic Holds

Haha, none of these work very well sorry!


Propaganda machine
Nice work guys! Keep at it.

I wonder if I could get away with SkyNet...

As far as crashing into the sea, yes, yes they will. I've known a number of compliance officers and they all seem to like wrecking stuff, even if they don't have to! But never fear, one call to me and I can come up and refurbish it!