Help! Can I Buy Power Wheels Newaday!


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For my daughter's third birthday, I refurbished an old Dune Racer Power Wheel. I gave it a fresh coat of paint, installed new motors and battery, and added a small radio that plays her favorite songs.
The sound board I used is the Adafruit 16MB FX module, along with 3" Adafruit speakers housed in simple 3D printed enclosures. To make it easier for her to operate, I replaced the speedometer sticker with simple pushbuttons.
I also designed a single panel near the shifter that allows me to connect my laptop and change the songs to her liking. However, I anticipate she will continue to enjoy Paw Patrol for a while longer.


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Man, she is sure to love it!

I especially like the idea of adding a radio and making it easy for her to operate. I'm sure she will enjoy listening to her favorite songs while she rides around:)

Your daughter is definitely very lucky to have such a thoughtful and creative dad!