Community Created Checklist - What's in your ideal field box?


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Hi Guys!

I'm working on a list of things to take with you to a fun fly type event, and some of the contributors hit upon a well packed tool box.

Of course there's the old Flite Test episode about assembling a "Crash Kit"

What items would you recommend?


12v Soldering Iron with XT60 Plug: Amazon Link.
Battery Tester:
Servo Tester:
Plug adaptors:
Lipo Charger: SlingShot
Charger Leads: Amazon Link
Batteries to match your planes: SlingShot

Hand Tools

Driver kit:
Knife: SlingShot

Spare Parts

Receivers to match your transmitters: SlingShot

Power Tools


Gorilla Glue White: Link to Amazon
Variety of Tapes: Double sided, masking, packing, etc - SlingShot


Aircraft recovery system: Hai-Lee
Spare pair of glasses (In a case to prevent scratching) - Hai-Lee
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I was at another fly in this week, and one of the items I think needs to be added to any field tool box is plug adaptors for batteries.


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Apart from the usual spare I find that a slingshot, Lead weight, fishing line and some nylon rope allow me to recover my planes from the odd tree that I did not realise would try to take a bite out of my plane.

Ohh! One more thing have a spare pair of glasses if your eyesight isn't perfect. The best tool box in the world won't help if you can't see what you are doing. Ask me how I know!:rolleyes:

Have fun!