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Concorde Chucker

Concorde Chucker 1

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Mid7night submitted a new resource:

Concorde Chucker - Chuck glider version of the Concorde

For Father's Day 2020, my son wanted to make a plane and he picked out the Concorde from one of his jet books. So we looked up a picture, printed it out and cut it out of foamboard. It ended up working so well that I thought maybe others might want to have some fun with it!

So here ya go! I traced the picture we cut ours from and made some simple plans for a simple chuck glider. You can print one out on 3 sheets of regular 8.5x11 paper, or you can print 4 at a time on a full sheet of...
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Sly Fox

Active member
Looking at you plan, guessing red is score cut, black is full cut. What is the green?
for the 2 pieces on sheet 1 &2 (not the nose doubler), what are those for (looking at photo of concorde guessing the engines) and are they an A or B fold?

Do you have a photo of the completed Build?

Thought this may be a fun project for the grand kids.
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