Couple build questions


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I'm about complete with my first foam build, FT Simple Storch (kit) but, have a couple questions before painting & flying.

- There is no runway steering on this model. Has anyone added a tail wheel? How about a pic?
- Does everyone fly these without adding hinges or some strengthening of hinge line (on this or similar models)? How long can that paper hold up!

Appreciate tips.


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A light smear of hot glue along the hinge, scraping off the excess immediately, works well in making the hinge last longer and stops the paper delaminating only down side is that it can make for a stiffer hinge. This is an FT suggestion that initially I was wary of doing and now I do it on all my hinges. I will almost always add tape to the top surface of the hinge also.


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If the plane has a tail skid then a tail wheel is something you can do without. The thrust from the motor being deflected by the rudder is sufficient to achieve a reasonably effective steering. Besides the weight of the tail wheel can often be difficult to balance out especially if the battery is already as far forward as it will go!

As for the paper hinges, you really need to add some tape to strengthen and protect them. Water getting into the paper can lead to a very early failure. In addition the hinge line bevel should also be sealed normally using glue, again to keep the water from causing the paper to lift off of the foam.

As for how long it can last - that will be difficult to quantify as I have seen some planes, (not crashed and never subject to water have many flights and others that have landed badly or actually been subject to water damage not last past 2 or 3 flights.

Have fun!