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Cyclops Storm OSD (Gyro issues) + Flash Tool $60 shipped

Ok guys here's the skinny, have in my possession a brand new Storm OSD that hasn't seen a single second of flight time. Here is the catch, it has major gyro calibration issues (ex. as OSD warms up gyro P&R values get WAY out of wack). I have done the two wire power reroute per instructions of Cyclops vendor rep on RCGroups and have tried reflashing with 1.02v firmware multiple times all to no avail. Unfortunately with wacky gyros the PA and RTH functions are both useless but all other functions work flawless (voltage readout, mah counter, GPS, display). In essence we have here a basic OSD such as a Rezimbi and who knows perhaps someone with more patience and or micro "know how" can remedy the gyros. Was about to trash this thing but figured it would make a good basic function OSD for someone at under $100

Note: I am missing the small jumper for 12v pins required for 1 battery setup (check manual online for reference), easily fixed with a looped servo connector.

$60 shipped flash tool included, lower 48 ONLY and Paypal payments ONLY.

Regards and happy flying

20121229_200114.jpg 20121229_200139.jpg 20121229_200207.jpg