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Does anyone know where to find a tool to remove these tiny C-clips?


Dedicated foam bender
I tried a micro set of needlenose ground to an even finer point but it's hit or miss. I still shoot them across the room but so far have been lucky finding them. At least now I know where to get some replacements when it comes to that (i know it will eventually).


Senior Member
I've heard people suggest using fishing line or dental floss to pull the ends apart. Personally, when I had to replace some motor shafts, I use needle-nosed pliers and expanded them to pull the clip ends apart, then awkwardly tried to push the clip off the shaft. I also put masking tape all around the motor to try to catch the clip, and only once did once escape across the apartment never to be seen again.
Small screwdriver but it has to fit in between when expanded. Put it in sideways (in line with the split) rotate it so that the blade of the screwdriver nestles in the little cups on the ends of the clips and it should be expanded enough to pull off the shaft. The one I use is a straight tweaker screwdriver. Blade is just a bit larger then the tempered metal, round shaft it is pressed out of.