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Draco the Wilga is dead! Crashes on runway takeoff!

They've got variable pitch electric motors; I actually saw one flying at AMA Expo West this year. The guy would get it up in the air, and then throw the throttle in the opposite direction and fly the plane backwards for about 20-30 feet before he'd pull it into a loop or dive or something. Crazy to see.
That's just crazy cool huh. I saw a similar video of a gaser doing it. Stuff that dude was doing was just crazy. I'd love to see it as at least an option when Horizon comes out with their Draco. Wouldn't be the Draco without it. 😁
I use BLHeli programmable ESC's on my 3D planes. Set them up as reversible, then set a mix with 50 to 100% as regular throttle, and 0 to 50 as reverse. That gives me reverse thrust and much easier than the linkages for variable pitch.
Now that makes sense. Not hard on the on the motors huh. Its just reversing the current the ESC?