Dummy Radial XL Mk.II

Dummy Radial XL Mk.II 1.0

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Dummy Radial XL Mk.II - FREE STL: Dummy Radial XL Mk.II for FT 2814 Motor

Dummy Radial XL for FT 2814
Designed By: Dan Sponholz

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This dummy radial engine is designed to work with the Flite Test 2814/1100kv motor. I designed it to add semi-scale detail to your foam board model airplanes. It prints as a single piece with no supports using basic PLA filament. The dummy radial has pass-thru cooling to provide air flow over the motor and into the airframe for ESC cooling.

The dummy radial is designed to be...

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This came out nice although I may have erred on the strong side with 4 perimeters and top and bottom layers and 30% infill. I think I’ll run a few more off before FF.

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Any print settings advice o this? I did a quick slice w/o knowing what I'm doing a and the Cura says about 13 hours?? Does that sound reasonable?

Edit: Actually it says 23 hours with eSun PLA+ but there's no profile for it in Cura

Depends on nozzle and infill a lot so maybe? I would think you would use around 20% infill and it would go a lot faster than that.


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I'm going to start one of these tonight before I sack out. It'll give me another reason to start my Scout XL build.


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This thing refuses to print for me.

The first run ended about 7 hours in with a clogged nozzle.

The second run had, seemingly random X and Y shifts and stopped printing about 4 hours in. I had to cycle power on the E3Pro to get it back on line with OctoPrint.


The fourth run went to completion but had several X and Y shifts, though not nearly as radical as the last try.

the next two both just stopped printing at exactly the same point in the print.

BTW, every one one of these attampts was a fresh slice in an older version of CURA.


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It is asking quite a bit to get a 'clean' print of a .one piece. radial.
I discovered that, after much trial and error, I could achieve a more detailed and cleaner result by printing individual parts orientated in such a way that suited the print process.
You do end up with a what is in effect a plastic kit but the detail can be fully 3 dimensional.
A 9 cylinder radial that with some modifications became an ASh-62 for my Antonov AN2.

It is made up of no less than 56 individual parts. Actually there are only 6 different parts. 5 for each cylinder and the crankcase. The rear mounted brushless fits inside the crankcase.
In its final form I increased the diameter of the prop shaft hole to allow the motor rotation to draw in cooling air, in addition the engine parts were printed self colour, either silver or black, so no painting required.

The cowling is also printed but is painted.
Of course most of the engine detail is completely hidden but at least I know it is there! ;)