Easiest Master Series Plane to Build?


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Hi all,

I recently became enthralled in assembling and flying FliteTest planes and have really enjoyed building a few of the Mighty Minis and also the P-40 Warhawk. I feel like I've understood the easier building concepts with the beginner-intermediate planes and would like to move on to a Master Series plane, but I'm unsure of which to choose. It's important to me that the plane is on the easier side for building, as far as the Master Series planes go. I'm thinking about choosing the Spitfire, but which one do you guys recommend?



The Fopster

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From what I can remember, John Overstreet has said in the past that the P47 is easiest. It was my first Master Series and wasn’t too difficult. If you take your time you should be fine.

The Hangar

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The easiest I’ve built so far was the mini hellcat. It’s surprisingly simple and the build video is great to follow along with. The kit comes with decals as well which is a great addition.