Electric Motor / Prop Selection for a P-38


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I have a set of drawings for a P-38L. I'd like to attempt to generate a 3D model so I can eventually 3D print it. I'm just getting re-started flying again and figure I have plenty of time re-learning to fly before I get to the point I can fly a fast warbird. I'm new to electrics and have the bare cheapest Amazon $20 set that included a brushless motor, ESC and 10" props. If I scale the plans such that it uses these 10" props, it'll have a 45" wing-span. What I'd like advice on, is what specific motors, Esc and props combinations are the next larger sizes. I understand there's probably one for any and every size I could ever want, but I'm not looking for the bleeding edge (expensive) high-performance motors. I'm looking for the next sizes up that are common and have plenty of product competition so they are closer to commodity pricing. I'd like to hear what is possible from people's experience. I'd like to consider something in the 13" to 15" diameter and also like to consider 3-bladed versions in that 13" to 15" range.

Thanks for your help.