EMax 9g Servos vs Hexatronic 9g vs Tower Hobby 9g

I just maidened my FT Scout and while it flew while until I broke the prop, and then I got home and realized that one of my servo motors had died. I seem to keep breaking these things, I broke one just picking the plane up and bumping the aileron on something. Is this normal or am i just unlucky?

Anyways, I'm going to the hobby store tomorrow and they now sell Tower Hobby 9g servos in 5 packs for $19, and they also sell the EMax servos that FT now uses in their power packs for $8 each. Are these servos really worth the money? Are they any more durable?


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If servos keep breaking there is usually a root cause. Check the endpoints and rates on the controls to make sure the servo isn’t pushing the control surface to a stop with some stick movement left, plus the position of the control rods/horns to make sure they all move smoothly and the servo isn’t fighting to hold position because of a stiff flap or control rod at a bad angle etc.


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Your probably stripping the plastic gearing inside the servo. I use metal gear servos and have never broken one. They arn't that expensive. On sale on banggood for like $14 for 6 of em. You can find em on eBay too. Here's the link to the ones I use on banggood.
[US$12.95 29% OFF]6X MG90S Metal Gear RC Micro Servo RC Parts from Toys Hobbies and Robot on banggood.com
The FliteTest emax servos are probably you best option if you don't buy online tho.


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I like metal gear servos for high stress applications. But for me they wear out quicker that nylon gear. You need to keep an eye on metal gears servos, when they will develop a lot of back lash, you should replace them.