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Episode 204 - Listener Series Vol 19th with Jon Pruett!


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Episode 204 - Listener Series Vol 19th with Jon Pruett!
December 5, 2019
Episode 204 - Listener Series Vol 19th with Jon Pruett!

Join Steve and Andy as we welcome Jon Pruett on the show. We get to know Jon and learn a bunch of things from him about balsa kits and building.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners, family, friends from the FFRC Podcast crew!

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What a great episode. If you want to know how to skin a balsa plane... take a listen!

Jon - you are terrific... much more audiogenic than me for sure. Not to mention that I think you are my long lost brother... When you described yourself taking things apart just to figure out how they work...I died laughing. That is me... and I can get about 90% of the items back together in working condition. I was a little older when I totally rebuild a 79 Spitfire 1500 engine just because it was there. I'm a 90% build and 10% fly type of guy but I don't get to bored of flying the same aircraft... maybe it is because I always find a way to fly it differently, closer, tighter or faster to make it challenging.

Just so you know, I put a not in FreeFall's potential show list to have the two of us on and possibly their club president to just chat about what it is like being a club president, challenges, wins, organization, bylaws, dues, etc.

Best - David


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Thanks David! :D Somehow we neglected to discuss the phenomenon of the "left shoulder bolt" in the discussions of tearing things down and rebuilding them though... maybe next time!

And I would LOVE to do that show with you and other club leadership about how to grow our hobby and herd the cats at the club meetings!


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Jon(@rockyboy ), I was listening to this episode and I was 40 mins in when I realized, I was listening to you! this was a great episode! I love the Balsa and Covering tech talk. It is soon to be my new frontier.
The the Focke-Wulf DONE! (we're all waiting) :) all around a great conversation. It would have been even better with Kevin's commentary Esp with the 3D Printing.

you had the same questions about the heli maneuvers tick tocks and piro-flips.

Among my favorite episodes.