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Episode 59 - Governors with Nick Lenn

It was great hearing Nick Lenn on the podcast! That was a SUPER informative episode, too. You should should see about asking Justin, Jesse, Saje, Dieter, and Ken on sometime as well. :)

I can't remember if it was this episode or episode 60 where you guys briefly talked about Walkera helis. My only experience with Walkera (and it was a positive one) was with micros. I've got the:

SuperFP (fixed pitch flybarless micro)
SuperCP (CP micro)
V120D02s (CP micro)

and they're all pretty good little helis. I've heard horror stories about the bigger 400 and 450-style Walkeras though, so that's probably where the bad rep comes from.

The really cool thing with modern Devo Walkera transmitters is the fact that you can flash them with custom firmware to allow them to control a wide range of different receivers from other vendors. The Deviation firmware (https://www.deviationtx.com/) lets me control Spektrum receivers with a Devo 7e, 8s, 10, 12, etc... and if you mod the radios by putting in additional TX hardware (solder skills required) you can control a bunch of different protocols. This is really only good for micros though, but if you have some of those for indoor flying, it's great!
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Woah didn't know that about the devo TX, that's cool. Should've kept mine, but it went in the garbage during my last move...

I'll definitely be working on getting more of the RCHN boys on. Thanks for listening :)