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Episode 87 - TFRs and More!

Join the Steve and Kevin as we talk about TFRs, FliteFest Theives and Screeming Viggens!!

Free our Skies and we'll see ya next time...

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Free our Skies and See you next time...


Fly Angry
I have been to your pod cast a few times no problems this time I tried to go to the site and I get this....


What changed? and do you guys have security issues now?
Hi Steve and Kevin.
I'm only half way through this podcast... and you had several questions.

Glassing Viggen... Do I have a build thread - yes. But I haven't worked on it since FF2017 - Glassed Viggen Mine also has a Dr. MadThrust and that thing is so heavy, to get the plane to balance, I've moved the EDF forward as seen here.

You talked about the wings. My MiniWingis glassed with 3.22 oz fiberglass, so it is really tough.

My Balanced Pusher wings are skinned with the 1.43 oz. They fly like a dream. This will give you an idea of the durability of the 1.43 oz fiberglass.

Here is a Balanced Blunt Wing, also made with 1.43 oz fiberglass. Crashed it too on the first flight.

You've got my email... questions away dudes!

I am planning on making foiled wings for my Viggen. This will be a winter project since I've got other projects waiting.

Oh, and in an earlier podcast, I think Kevin was asking about my last name. Well dude, check this out Hill, D.A. Flyer - yup, pretty unimaginative screen name. HillaFlyer on YouTube with about 15 hits per video.

Cheers! and keep up the good work.
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Oh - I forgot. You were talking about putting landing gear on the Viggen and/or skis.
If you use a style of removable landing gear, you can do either/or and swap them out.
Here is how:

Removable Landing Gear

Since writing the article, I've started using a slightly different design.
I use the same plywood base but only put one 90 degree bend through the mount. Then I use a plastic saddle clamp to hold the other side (the side that used to have a sharp horseshoe bend). Loosen a couple of screws and you can remove the wheels to make a belly lander, add skis or whatever. - Hope that helps you out.