find examples of delta canard with twin puller props between the front and rear wings.


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I have seen discussions of this layout with a more regular wing shape canard. Has anyone built one, and is there any info on-line?
I found a saab viggen with a ducted fan, and several pusher designs, but no puller/tractor twin-prop examples.

This is an extension of my other thread about wing loading.


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puller/tractor twin-prop planes is to be found.. but with props between canard and wing very unusual, mostly just in both ends of fuselage, or one of the ends.. (front/aft)
BUT, Miles M.39B Libellula, a tandem wing & canard prototype bomber did had it... props forward between the canard/front wing, and rear wing, where front wing had an auxiliary aerofoil/flap/elevator device, So not directly canards, but at least movable control surfaces.
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I have subsequently found a few with the twin center props:
They are not as delta as the design I am working on, though.
It looks more like a viggen plan view with props stuffed in there, but keeping the tip fins.
libellula canar twin engine puller.jpg
twin prop puller canard pelican.jpg
twin prop puller canard.jpg

The fuselage rear is more like the Libellua twin-prop.
They also made a single-prop pusher with the same name-maybe a modified airframe??