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first FPV kit advice?

I have 1.5m turbo timber
1.2m Clipped wing cub
UMX Ultrix
i’m more interested in starter FPV package for the turbo timber

i’m a bit confused about Cam, video Tx+Antenna, and for now a display w/ integrated Rx (or cheaper goggles that have the monitor insert.

prefer to use 1S for as a separate battery for on-board Tx

can anyone recommend affordable items I can order to complete?

p.s. I think i want a 150 FOV if possible. high res quality not too important...
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The integrated all in one (AOI) cameras are fine, just get one with 200mw power output available. They work fine off a spare 5v and ground or wire a cheap BEC direct to the main power or balance lead. They don’t take much power, 5v constant off the main pack is better than a separate 1s battery IMO. Safer too.
Box goggles are fine, I ran Eachine EV800’s for ages, they are reliable and the 800x400 resolution is really good and clear. Plus you can turn them into a monitor to show people the view or to record it with a camcorder, the basic ones don’t have DVR