Flight Psychology/Philosophy (and THEORY....) 101 (L10)


Maneuvering With Purpose
Time to get away from the squishy side of things. Just fly something that encourages you to fly it like you stole it.

Here now is someone, Bob Hoover, to add to your fullscale inspiration. For @wilmracer , pay close attention to @ 7:15, "How I Became an Ace in a Day" (by killing another ace 5 times in one day). For @Grifflyer from 1:24:00, but mostly this:

Note the takeoff run and barrel-roll on takeoff.

Thanks to @willsonman , I've become aware of IMAC, a type of pattern flying that can add structure and discipline to anyone's flying. Are there any good instructional videos for IMAC?

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Yeah man. Having such a small club and the majority of active members in IMAC it really got me thinking about it. I had a discussion at a winter club meeting that led to my interest in aerobatic flying. Flying in this style has never, and still doesn't, interest me. What does is becoming a better pilot. The aspect of flying with purpose and learning how the airplane flies, not the prop, has become an insightful way to approach each sortie with any of my airplanes. My club president is also the regional IMAC director and part of his efforts there is to teach judging schools. As a consequence he has given me instruction on some basic things that I've been practicing.

Inverted Cuban 8s. This is where you are level at mid field, pull up into a 45-degree upline and roll inverted, hold, and then loop back down to level. What this teaches you is how to do a lot of correction using rudder. This then makes proper "O"-shaped loops as well as maintaining wings level through maneuvers. I've spent entire flights doing nothing but this and it has given me a far better appreciation for pilots who fly in this style. Stall turns are another story but doing the basic IMAC sequence well is a lot harder than it looks. I'm getting better but crashing out a couple of weeks ago has set me back as I do not have a good aircraft to practice now.