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Flite Fest 22 Camping Edgewater vs Fuery Etc

Captain Video

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Looking forward to returning to FF '22. We will be camping but are considering our camping at Edgewater. Is that still an option. If it is, will there be a shuttle between Fuery and Edgewater? My sons have camping hammocks so they are slung between trees. Not many trees at Fuery Field. How far is it between Edgewater and Fuery? is it advised to walk or ride a bike between? Thanks
Yeah, man, it’s exactly 8 miles between them. So, I hope you have a good camping trip. You know, I remember my first camping trip and it was actually really nice. There were only two of us, just me and my dad. We made a tent and cooked a good dinner. I remember we had cheese and bacon sandwiches made with this sandwich maker I got for him from https://www.amazon.com/pie-iron-for-campfire-cooking/dp/B088H42W2L. But most important for me is that we had a really nice conversation. Actually, we could talk about everything that I was concerned about. This conversation gave me a real feeling that I have a great dad. So, anyway, wish you good luck. Have fun
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In my opinion, it is more convenient to ride bikes because you can see more nature and there is no risk of running out of fuel. And indeed, the distance is not as great as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to take lights with you because you never know if you'll arrive on time and make a fire, you may have to ride through the twilight. So if you haven't already thought about it, you might find https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089T8HDBV/?tag=lstir-20 helpful. You may also be more comfortable riding a bicycle because of the ability to pass hard-to-reach places for a car.
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