Flyzone DHC-2T Turbo Beaver


I like Biplanes
Just thought I would start a thread for this plane here in case anyone was interested in getting one. This may turn in to a review thread of sorts but we'll see.

For starters, at the time, it appears to be on back order now from most retailers with restock not until the winter.

I don't normally buy a plane, or anything really, before there is a good video review or buyer reviews but I saw this model and made an impulse buy. I bought mine from Tower Hobbies and was able to get the one with the free receiver tossed in for 149.99. Tower also offers a $15 off coupon of orders $150 and up so in the end it was only $135. It seemed like a no brainer.

I received mine Monday and finally got a chance to open the box Wednesday over my noon hour. The box seemed very small for the plane but they just pack them in very efficiently. After unboxing and inspecting all the pieces I was quite pleased with the overall quality. I had heard some negative comments in regard to flyzone products (and up till this plane, I've only had parkzone and eflite planes)but I was quite pleased. The cowl is a bit thin so that may be a problem down the road and there was some paint scratched off in a few places on the bottom. Lastly, the wing fences were a bit wavy. Other than that it looked good. I mean, really good. This is really my first "scale" foamy and the detail on this plane is really just awesome. Lights, tinted windows, metal struts, molded in ribbing on the wings, it really has it all in the scale department.

I was able to build the plane in about 30 minutes. Its a bit more work than the eflite planes I have built (valiant, stinson, night radian) but I enjoy the build and I found it enjoyable. The only real difficult part was putting the wings in. Each wing has its own spar, a linkage wire and two wires for the servo and lights that all need to be carefully inserted in to the fuselage. This took a bit of patience but it wasn't awful.

One thing I learned, put the receiver in before the wings are on. There is not a lot of access points for this fuselage so placing the receiver in the plane in the middle of the build is a must. I had to remove my wings and re install them to get a receiver in.

I actually didn't use the free receiver as I fly Frsky. I tossed an s6r receiver in and it seems to work great with the stabilization.

I wanted to make this post because there is a thread going on RC groups and its painting a pretty poor picture of this plane. Maybe I got lucky and got a really good one, but ultimately I am very pleased with the plane overall. If you take out the cost of the free receiver they tossed in ($40) this was a $100 1.5m SCALE plane. It really just can't be beat.

I have yet to fly mine but hope to get some calm weather here in the next week. I'll likely toss it on skis or put the float on it this winter for some snow flying. I will post some updates after the first flight.



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