Foam board Corsair before FT came up with it.


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Years ago, in an article on Flittest site, there was an article about a guy who made a Corsair. It had a square fuselage. So I built it and cut half-round pieces to shape the fuse to round, removed paper from a sheet and skinned it in correct Corsair shape. I decided to make it like Skipper from "Planes" to go along with the FT Racer (Ripslinger) and Dusty. To make the finished cowling I stacked foam board discs, glued with CA, cut engine wedges, scored with creases to look like a double wasp engine & sanded the cowling to shape. I did the same engine detail for the MS Corsair and printed vynil sticker paper decals for Red Bull livery, and same on Ripslinger.


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