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FT A-10 Warthog

FT A-10 Warthog 1.0


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FT A-10 Warthog - FT A-10 Warthog Free Plans

FT A-10 Warthog

Designed By: Josh Bixler
Plans By: Dan Sponholz

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The Flite Test A-10 Warthog is one of the largest and most complete Flite Test kits available. This kit includes all of the lasers cut components, including the firewalls, hardware, pushrods, duct formers, landing gear, and wheels. With a wingspan of over 60 inches, this plane really carries itself well through the sky...
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My son is dying for me to building one every since he saw your flight videos of it. He is 6 and we will build it together when I find a place to store it :). I personally am waiting for the Mini tanks plans. :)
Disregard... plans have been found and downloaded.. :)

I have my A-10 (yet to be built)... I will be adding flaps, and retractable landing gear. I also have plans to add a loud noisemaker to simulate the Vulcan cannon.. Are the plans in the works ?? I would like to mock up gear locations and reinforcements.. Thanks for an awesome piece of kit !!!
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hello, i am not new to foam board building but i am to following an FT plan, i was wondering if there was an error in the plan for the a-10 warthog or if i was doing something wrong.

to be more specific the left and right wing spar/panels. if i lay the template over my foam board and make the appropriate cuts and scores the template that is supposed to make a left wing panel ends up being the right wing panel and vice versa.

apologies if i posted in the wrong thread.
I would like to try this model but I want to do the counter-rotating props inside the EDF units. I know the power wasn't there with the giant model prototype but maybe with the right motor/ESC, but especially the right prop, I could get enough power to fly. I'm not looking for extreme power, but just enough to fly well and maybe do a loop. That would allow me to put retracts or fixed gear where the prop motor mounts are setup now with this model. I just wondering if anyone has tried this yet?

The Hangar

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My maiden flight started out good...then I think those long battery wires zapped my transmitter signal 😢
As I made my turn back to the field, was over the grass and heading towards me, it was like someone unplugged the battery. Complete loss of power and signal....
Too bad! I had that happen to my P-38 yesterday as well. I was pulling out of a loop and lost all elevator control...