FT Simple Cub glue


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Hi all,

JD in WA state here. I have a FT simple cub arriving in a few days now and I'm a bit nervous about the glue guns I have. I have a simple home style one (~60w) and a ryobi coordless (these seem to be much lower wattage).

Watching the vids I see the 300w industrial gun spitting out boiling glue. Other than the obvious benefit of getting to burn myself, is the high wattage necessary for construction?

How about the glue type? I have some slow curing glue (3 min set time). With lower wattage gg should I be using this slower curing glue?

(hoping to graduate to the T28 after the cub)



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I have a ryobi 18v battery powered one and it is too hot, it tends to melt the foam. I do not recommend using it for building these planes.


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the only time i need a hotter gun is when i have to lay out long runs of glue so they won't dry before applying the mating surface.


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I use a full size, 40 watt AdTech dual-temp glue gun with AdTech glue sticks and it has never been a problem for me. Not too hot, not too cold, and I have yet to do a glue up large enough to need anything higher wattage. Your mileage may vary.