FT Simple cub problems


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Hey guys, new here, just built a simple cub, everything is fine but I can’t get the motor to work form a DXS transmitter and AR410 receiver. Elevator works, rudder works, looked at the manual troubleshooting section for spectrum transmitter and nothing applies. Cant seem to figure out why it’s not running. Motor wants to go. When I turn it on it sounds like it wants to run with some quick jerks but put the throttle to it and nothing happens. Completely at a lost. Ordered another motor and ESC and new motor does the same thing. Any help?


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When you plug in a servo to the throttle channel, does it move? Do you hear any beeps from the motor, when you plug in the battery? Have you calibrated the ESC?


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...it wants to run with some quick jerks ...
Sounds like a bad connection between the ESC & motor.
Try gently tugging on each of the wires, if you have a bad solder joint the wire will practically fall off. If all of the solder joints check out, it could be a short somewhere. Try unplugging the wires one at a time. If nothing changes, that is the wire with the problem.