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FT Versa Wing - BUILD


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Thank you for the quick reply. I never give the gas motor thing any thought, but it all makes sense it won't run backwards. I was thinking on the line that it was a torque issue. That makes sense as to why my SlowBoat will run left-hand or right-hand propeller and make no difference at least visually.
Thank you for the help, looks like I don't have to order any propellers. I have the form almost all cut out.:)
Now the question... Right now my versa is pretty unstable. Get it level and in a split second one or the other wing seems to drop requiring constant corrections. I saw someone refer to this as "wag". I'd call that a pretty good description. Its definitely flyable but not nearly as stable as my pusher was and it should be I'm assuming. I'll get some video maybe later today fi the wind permits.

I'm thinking of trying a few things.
  • First I need to reduce my up elevator trim. Right now its pretty high and I'm having to fly at low throttle or it just climbs like crazy. I'm thinking if I go faster it will be more stable.
  • Check my side to side balance. I don't believe its one wing or the other that drops though but need a calm day to check 100%.
  • I do have the end caps on the wings mounted a bit forward such that they do not go back to the trailing edge of the ailerons. I'm guessing that is not a big deal but I could change it if anyone things that could affect things.
  • Of course re-check CG. It seemed pretty good but maybe I need a bit more to the nose. Where are people balancing theres? Would that cause the wag?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Updated - I had read of someone checking balance. I held the motor and the attached image is where I'm at. Is this a good method for checking? Do you need to check it with the power pod beneath or is it OK of the power pod rotates to the top as in the picture? Based off what I did I could add a bit of weight on the end of the one wing to bring it to balance 100% Thoughts?

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How are you checking the CoG while holding the farthest point rear? I can only imagine you are looking at wing tip to wing tip CG, but that is not important on this aircraft.
For the CG I'm balancing it using the points under the wing as per the plan. I've got the battery moved forward/backward such that it seems ok and is pretty neutral. Maybe just a shade nose heavy. So I think I'm ok with that. I'm considering trying it a bit more nose heavy.

The picture just illustrates how balanced it is side to side. I've never really had any issues with that in all my builds but for this one based of the behavior I'm having in the air, and that its a wing, I thought I might check it. It seems pretty good actually, maybe just a shade off but that could just be the way I'm holding it off the motor.
Are you using a stabilization unit?

Are you getting the wing tip drops on both wings, or only on one side?

How much "slop" is there in your control horns? If the wire is too small in the hole in the control horn then variations in wind and pressure could move the control surfaces and cause non-initiated movements. I have this happen on one of my Versa wing builds. Easy way to check is to just try moving the elevon, can you wiggle them without moving the pushrod?
no stabilization unit. I haven't had the chance to get out yet in calm winds to see if is one or the other wings. Should have went out tonight as it was calm but had to do a bike ride. As I remember flying it last it wasn't one particular wing though. At least not something standard trim would seem to resolve.

I will certainly check my control horns as you suggest. I use the FT ones so usually its a pretty tight fit but that is certainly work looking at. I reused the horns from a not so successful flight.....

Thanks for all the ideas.

Update: reducing the up elevator trim seemed to have had the difference. It flys faster which i believe helps with the stabilization. I do have to fly it much faster then i did my old pusher because of the weight of the motor up front. I was trying to get a slower cruising speed with the up elevator trim but I'll just have to fly this one faster.

I also have changed from a apc slow fly prop to an apc style E prop and this has really helped with the broken prop issue. The E prop is much stiffer and so far has been more durable. Havent broke it yet.
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Is their a way to make this without a servos tester?
You can always get by without a servo tester. Servo testers just simply make life easier. If you don't have a servo tester, you would have to connect the servo to your RX, powerup/bind the RX to your TX, then test/center/etc using the TX->RX->Servo setup.

With a servo tester, you connect the servo to the tester, a power source, and you're all set.
great airplane as with all the FT models. i chose to use the tiled plans and use nothing but Elmers board. i have 15 flights on mine and i use mine with the motor up front. my question is has anyone filled the back in flush with the elevons and if so did it work out for you. thank you in advance for any coment
Hi guys. It's very hard to get the foam board here in Sweden and I'd love to buy the kits. But the postage to ship it makes it cheaper to buy RTF models.
But I still love the look of the FT versa wing. So I am going old school and i'm going to make one from balsa. My design is very much in their early stages, and i'm already hitting problems of how to make the battery bay. As you can see the wing ribs will be in the way and i believe i'll need the ribs to form the balsa over that area...
Any ideas that may help me?
VERSA WING 4-Layout1.jpg VERSA WING 3-Layout1.jpg


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The easiest way would be to build the Blunt Nose Versa. Nitro wings we use the space between the ribs sheeted with balsa with magnetic hatches for batteries and fuel tanks.