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FTFC20 Comet Sparky designed by FAI-F1D


Free Flight Indoorist
Guys, if we're doing this classic to modern thing, let's get it right and do some properly classic. The Sparky is one of the most prolifically built model airplanes ever and is very well suited to RC conversion, too.

Ed Lidgard designed the Sparky for Class C Cabin competition while working for Comet models with other greats like Joe Konefes (Buzzard Bombshell and Phantom Flash) and it quickly caught the eye of management who pressed it into service as a kit which went on to be one of the company's most successful, being on of the few rubber powered kits which could be depended on to always fly, even when poorly built. Unfortunately it wasn't cheap to produce and met the chopping block when Guillow's die crushed kits started encroaching on the market share, ultimately bankrupting Comet.

Ed Lidgard had an incredible career flying high performance rubber powered airplanes, undoubtedly the fastest climbing planes of their era, even in comparison to gas models, and his contest record was amazing. He retired to Georgia and about once a year I get to fly on the field he used in his final years.

Mine's going to be 1:1 scale, 32", so hopefully I can make it all fit on one sheet of foam (yeah right!).
This I will be watching. Guillow's bought Comet in 1998. I wish they had continued to sell the Comet kits. Especially ones like the Sparky. Where did you find the plan?
These rubber power airplanes make great flying RC conversions with little modification. One change that helps is reducing the angle of dihedral (or polyhedral). It's good for free flight but a lot of angle is not needed when you have a rudder. A flatter wing turns better.