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Full scale WWII plane blueprints.


being Ghetto since 2016
Is it possible to get,
download, buy complete WWII plane blueprints?
From the technology background it sould not be illegal to buy them.
right? Or am I on the terrorist watchlist now?

I am realy interested in the mechanical parts in therms of inspiration.
It should not be very hart to remake it simpler into RC in
modern days of 3D-printers and microcontrollers.

Any ideas?
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Biplane Guy
You may be able to find them, but I'd be willing to bet that the companies that own the designs still maintain copyright on the plans. You could always E mail and ask. I've sent a few e-mails to boeing, lockheed, and grumman over the years with questions and they've always been more than helpful.


being Ghetto since 2016
Thanks for that.

So the problems are copyright issues?
But they will lose its right after some decates i heard someone saying except you are refreshing them. Right?
So there must be some russian, german or american WWII Blueprint design available somewhere.
Maybe a book on amazon.

What ever I found on google seams to be not very detailed.
A look into that original blueprints could be super interesting for model aviation.
Hatches, landinggears, flaps => all that mechanical stuff. Hidden gems! Amazing!


Builder Extraordinare
Actually, YES! You can contact the national archives and they can, for a fee, send you blueprints of what they have. Carl Lydick (Wilmracer), Patrick Murphy (earthsciteach), and I recently went to the Udvar Hazy museum in VA and the restoration hangar was having an open-house. Part of that was touring the archives there and one of the kind ladies did inform us that it is possible. Some may be digitized and could be sent electronically but not all of it has been scanned.


being Ghetto since 2016
thanks willsonman.

why is there no online "wiki" for historical and outdated machine blueprints like trains, aircrafts or ships?
For "old" blueprints with no military, industrial or political interest.
These are cultural goods that can provide great inspiration for all kind of useful and beneficial things.
Or do I miss something?
Is there such a official resource somewhere?
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You could try looking for maintenance manuals. Note the last time I did this for a full-scale aircraft, it came in about eight binders and was several hundred dollars...used. If it's still being flown, though, it has to have an annual inspection, so the mechanics need to have the specs available.