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Funtana Pro from EMHW


Junior Member
Hi guys I would like to share my newest plane. I've been building this plane since late spring and it's finally finished. Maidened it yesterday and it flies rock solid. No wing rock or anything, it's just the best and most stable plane i've ever flown. I could recommend it to beginners if it were not so expensive. :)
This is also my first 3D plane so starting of slow. I'm learning new moves everyday with my scratch build 1m foamy so hopefully I'll be able to do some prop hanging in a few weeks!

more info to be found on the website (German)

span: 200cm / 78,74 inches
length: 198 cm/ 77,95 inches
weight: 4,5 kg
motor: SK3 50-65 320KV
battery: 6S 5000mAh
ESC: Dlux 80A
prop: 18x8 and 20x10 turnigy 3D wood

6S is not enough for 3D but good to learn to fly her. Once I feel realy comfortable I'll switch over to 8S. :p

sorry for the quality, pics taken with blackberry phone.


Jan from Belgium!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
That is a really nice you have built there.

In the future (concentrating on Tricopter build right now) I want to get a little into balsa planes. Therefore I have my Event 3D right now to practice a lil three D!!!

It looks awesome and the paintjob gives it a good finish! Well done


Junior Member
It's actually all hobbyking cover finished, still need to paint the cowling and fit wheel pants and the nose cone. It was quite an easy build, straight foreward like lego. Covering was the hardest part, flying the easiest! :) I like the look of balse planes, they feel more like the real thing.