Gecko 3 HD Built By Armattan


Antigravity or bust...
I've been pricing parts to build a Gecko for awhile. Rounding up all the parts separately would have cost more than this beauty custom built by Armattan. So I let them do the work and I hope there's no shame in posting this. Very impressed by the quality of work, attention to detail and it's performance so far.

Frame / Gecko 3
FC / CL_Racing F4 Mini (with soft-mount grommets)
Motors / Armattan OOmph TITAN Mini - 1407/3650kv
ESCs / Spedix 25A 4in1 20x20 M3
FPV Camera / Caddx Turtle V2 FPV/HD
VTx / TBS Unify Pro HV or TBS Unify Race HV
Antenna / Micro U.FL RHCP
Receiver / FrSky R-XSR
Propellers / DAL Cyclone 3056 triblades



Under the hood;


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Antigravity or bust...
That's a pretty sweet spot. I'm very impressed with the audio from that camera, comparable to a GoPro.
It's a great spot to fly close to home. Now that baseball season is starting it's less chance of being empty.
In the maiden video I turned the audio level all the way down to only one notch. In a few YT build vids some people removed the microphone because the sound is so bad at normal audio levels. I don't think it's the camera's fault tho, it's just what the sound from those 3" blades sounds like. I like hearing the quad in my videos and wasn't sure if I saved it, so I appreciate the comment.